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Frequently Asked Questions

► Are you an illustrator or what?

I am 'what'!

No... just kidding! :)
I have a background as graphic designer, but I think that illustration helps storytelling and makes everything more human. For this reason my designs are so illustrated!

► Are you also an animator?

I am a motion designer. This means that I can move things like shapes, graphics, illustrations and simple characters!

► I like your illustrations. Can you make one for me?

Of course! Which illustrations do you like more? Please write me and tell me your needs!

► I like your illustrations, but... I need something completely different!!

Go to my Something Completely Different section and check if I can help you. ;)

► Actually, I need a logo...

Great, I can do it! I can also make a poster or your entire brand identity!
Please check my graphic design works and write me a mail with your needs!

► I need an animated video. Can you help me?

Yes! I realize animations for brands, startups, agencies and even for music bands and film makers. So I think that I definitely can help you. 

► Can you put my favorite song in my video?

Unfortunately it's difficult to use a copyright-protected song for a video, but I can choose for you the best royalty-free music or involve a composer, to create an original soundtrack, tailored for your video.

► Can you also insert sounds and voices?

Sure! The actors and sound designers who collaborate with Shamun will be happy to sonorize the video!

► I've seen this cool video/illustration/design on internet: can you make one just like it?

I'll be happy to hear your suggestions, but my goal is to create original creative content. If you are looking for someone to copy the work of someone else or to simply execute your instructions, I'm sorry to tell you that I am not the right choice for you.

► Who is Shamun?

Discover it here!


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